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Real life is complex - what issues are on your mind?  We can help. 

As a health care lawyer and an emergency physician, and as close friends, we have seen (almost) everything. What have we learned? First, everyone needs help sometimes. Second, everyone needs a safety net. And finally, we all need a creative space.

We have tips. 

Save Time. Save Energy  


Milldenhall is an educational and lifestyle site created by MJ Dykeman, a health care lawyer, and Julie Spence, an emergency physician. 

We provide solutions for the important issues that impact your life, well-being and family. We cut through the noise and provide reliable, easy to understand information. 

We realized early in this adventure, that one of the greatest stressors was providing care to an aging parent.  We started there - providing 24/7 resources online. 

We provide real solutions. 

Save time.  Save energy.   


Worried about an aging parent, relative or friend?

We know how stressful it can be when you feel ill-equipped and unprepared to support a senior.  In our personal and professional lives we had been asked, time and time again, for information and resources. 

Over time, we put together PDF and video resources full of THE important information all caregivers need to know. We have decided to make them available to everyone online through

Get Started. Get Organized.

Get Peace of Mind.  

FREE: 7 TIPS for New Caregivers

Being a caregiver can be so stressful.  We have been there personally and professionally.  It can be difficult to get reliable information.  Relax, grab a coffee and get started with our free video (3 minute) and pdf guide!


This video is just a short one to get you started.  Need more? Visit us at our information page!

7 Tips - Video & Free Guide Link


New caregiver?  Don't know where to start? 


The Basics

- A Guide for the New Caregiver -

Includes 5 Modules & 2 BONUS modules

With over 90 minutes of video information and a free pdf guide



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