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Supporting an aging parent, relative or friend can be stressful.  It can be hard to know where to start. is the place to go to get concise, practical and reliable information when you are a caregiver to a senior.

Get started. Get organized. Get peace of mind.  

Who are we?


MJ Dykeman JD has been a health lawyer for over 20 years including as in-house counsel to hospitals and long-term care/assisted living, and in private practice.  She also works in mental health and addiction. 

Julie Spence MD is an emergency physician who has worked in large urban hospitals and trauma centers for over 25 years. 


Why did we create 


Together we had formed MILLDENHALL, a lifestyle site, to help individuals navigate the "tightrope walk" that many of us face - balancing family, personal, and professional commitments. 

We soon realized that one of the most stressful issues being faced by many of us, was how to support an aging parent, relative or friend. 

In our professional and personal lives, we have seen the distress experienced when individuals and families feel ill-equipped and unprepared to support a senior.   We were asked, time and time again, to provide tips to friends who were struggling to get up to speed with the information and resources they needed.   

Why do we do what we do?


Simple, we became passionate about providing great resources.  We started out developing a simple set of PDF documents for friends and family; we then added videos.  Once we got started, we couldn't stop!  We realized that there was a real need for people to find reliable, easy to access information in one spot.  We don't focus on looking great. The videos are not fancy (most were done at the kitchen table)! We focused on making  sure that the information was practical and great.  

We now want to make these resources available to everyone 24/7.  

“There are some things all caregivers should know.”



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Need More? offers 2 online resources to help you.
Get Started. Get Organized. Get Peace of Mind.

Get Started.

The Basics include 5 core modules that include all the important information that a caregiver needs to get started.  We have also included 2 BONUS modules - Preparing for Emergencies and Starting the Conversation.   

Get Organized.

ALL ACCESS gives you The Basics and more than 40 videos and PDFs on key topics incorporating senior wellness, health care issues, caregiver wellness, and legal/financial issues. 

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