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Worried About an Aging Parent Relative or Friend?

Do you want tips on how to support them without being pushy or intrusive? Need resources to help you recognize risks, know what you need to know and how to get organized for what is ahead?  We know the position you are in - we have been there personally and professionally. 

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Being a Caregiver Can Be Stressful

We have been there personally and we have seen it professionally.  It is hard to know how to get started and where to get reliable information. 

Who Are We?

We are MJ Dykeman a health care lawyer, and Julie Spence, an emergency physician.  We do NOT offer legal or medical advice, but we do offer practical tips and information. 

Save Time. Save Energy.

Grab some coffee and a notebook (and perhaps a snack) - spend some time with us to get yourself started.  We have loads to give you.  Access our series - I intro video and 3-40 minute online webinars.  


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